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Type theory

Type theory suggests that human behavior is not random, but predictable and classifiable. What type you are says quite a bit about you - your likes and dislikes, your likely career choices, and your compatibility with others.

First discussed back in the 1920s by the psychologist Carl Jung, type theory helps us understand personality differences, and how everyone functions according to certain personality preferences, the four pairs of which are listed below:

Type descriptions

On the basis of your answers to the test you are placed in one of sixteen types. What type you are says quite a bit about you -- your likes and dislikes, your likely career choices, your compatibility with others, and so on.

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Type watching in team situations

Having information about personality types and preferences can be quite useful. Once you understand the basic personality preferences under which people operate, as well as your own preferences, you can begin to find ways to more effectively work with opposite types or even your own type. Through type watching, you can find ways to build upon people's strengths and improve many group activities, such as time management, conflict resolution, problem solving, and team building.

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While everyone has some introversion and some extroversion, or some thinking and some feeling characteristics, the test will help you identify which alternatives you prefer to use.

  • There are 68 true/false type questions.
  • Please provide at least 50 responses to receive your type.
  • Remember there are no right or wrong personality types.
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