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  1. Do you tend to
    • rely on past experiences
    • trust your hunches
  2. Would you say that you are more in need of
    • interactions with people to keep your "personal batteries" charged
    • peace and privacy than most people
  3. Do you more often prefer to
    • classify
    • brainstorm
  4. Are you the kind of person who
    • easily makes new friends and adapts to a new group
    • has difficulties making new contacts
  5. Are you more likely to take
    • few things personally
    • many things personally
  6. When working with others do you tend to
    • see their flaws and question their findings
    • show your appreciation in order to please them
  7. In most situations you rely more on
    • careful planning
    • improvisation
  8. Would you say that you
    • make decisions easily
    • find difficulty making decisions
  9. Do you find it
    • difficult to talk about your feelings
    • easy to talk about your feelings
  10. Which do you tend to notice more
    • the facts, details and realities of the world around you
    • the meaning of facts and the relationships between them
  11. Are you the kind of person who
    • is usually prompt and on time
    • is less aware of time and runs late
  12. Are you more likely to rely on
    • your experiences
    • theoretical alternatives
  13. Do you value in yourself more that you are
    • just and impartial
    • merciful and forgiving
  14. Are you more likely to be motivated by
    • achievement
    • appreciation
  15. Would you say that you have more
    • astute observational powers
    • penetrating insight
  16. Are you more inclined to
    • argue or debate issues for fun
    • avoid arguments and conflicts
  17. Are you more satisfied
    • with a public role
    • working "behind-the-scenes"
  18. In a debate do you
    • stick to your guns
    • strive to achieve mutual agreement
  19. When interacting with people do you tend to
    • ignore non-verbal communication
    • "tune in" to non-verbal communication
  20. Do you admire people who
    • can get things done
    • are warm and kind
  21. Are you more interested in
    • finishing projects
    • starting projects
  22. Do you tend to
    • tolerate noise and crowds
    • avoid crowds and seek quiet
  23. Do you tend to
    • be easily distracted
    • be able to concentrate well
  24. Are you more inclined to
    • act directly
    • speculate about various options
  25. Do you more often see life as
    • simple
    • complex
  26. Do you usually
    • work first and play later
    • play first and work later
  27. Are you more interested in
    • what is real
    • what is meaningful
  28. Are you the kind of person who
    • communicates with enthusiasm
    • keeps enthusiasm to yourself
  29. Do you tend to
    • take deadlines seriously
    • see deadlines as elastic
  30. Do you admire people who are
    • stable and successful
    • profound
  31. Which do you admire more
    • practical solutions
    • creative ideas
  32. In a workplace environment you would be more likely to notice the absence of
    • clear lines of authority
    • teamwork
  33. The notion of an "approximate decision" is
    • difficult for you to understand
    • easy for you to understand
  34. Would you rather be a
    • senator
    • scientist
  35. Do you more often prefer to
    • know what you are getting yourself into
    • adapt to new situations
  36. Are you inclined to
    • forget to thank or congratulate people
    • always show your appreciation to people
  37. Are you more interested in
    • putting things in order
    • anticipating opportunities for change
  38. Are you inclined to
    • be more cool headed
    • get excited or lose your temper easily
  39. Do you tend to be more
    • deliberate
    • impulsive
  40. Do you tend to
    • expect something in return when you help someone
    • readily help people while asking nothing in return
  41. Do you prefer to
    • read step-by-step instructions
    • figure things out for yourself
  42. Would you say that you
    • like to be at the centre of attention
    • are content being on the sidelines
  43. When confronted with a sudden question do you
    • usually respond first
    • wait for someone else to respond first
  44. Where would you prefer to spend most of your time if you were on holiday
    • meeting people
    • reading and taking lonely walks
  45. Are you more likely to trust
    • reason
    • feelings
  46. Are you more interested in
    • what is happening around you
    • your own thoughts and feelings
  47. Are you the kind of person who
    • feels rules and regulations are essential
    • dislikes rules and regulations
  48. When watching TV dramas do you feel
    • personally uninvolved with the characters
    • personally involved with the characters
  49. Would you say that you
    • sometimes talk without thinking
    • usually think without talking
  50. Do you tend to learn new things
    • by imitation and observation
    • through general concepts
  51. Are you more comfortable
    • checking off "to do" list
    • ignoring a "to do" list even if you made one
  52. Your desk or workbench at your workplace is
    • usually neat and orderly
    • untidy and messy
  53. You know how to make good use of your time
    • all of the time
    • sometimes
  54. If you were asked to organize entertainment
    • you would find it quite enjoyable
    • you would prefer it if other people did it
  55. Would you say that you are most often concerned with
    • what is
    • what could be
  56. Are you least likely to
    • waste time imagining unrealistic possibilities
    • waste time endlessly gathering facts
  57. When searching for a solution are you more interested in
    • the solution itself
    • the process
  58. In social situations you
    • find it easy to communicate
    • are more of a listener than a speaker
  59. Do you worry more about
    • current preoccupations
    • future plans
  60. The bottom line is that reality is in essence
    • complex and predictable
    • paradoxical
  61. In all activities objective criticism is
    • always useful
    • sometimes unsuitable
  62. At work do you like to
    • complete meaningful segments before moving on
    • multitask and mix work with pla
  63. Do you tend to notice
    • pros and cons of each option
    • how an option has a value and how it affects people
  64. Would you say that you
    • know many people
    • know few people, but deeply
  65. Would you say that you like to
    • assume responsibility
    • avoid responsibility
  66. Which of the following describes you better
    • "what you see is what you get"
    • "still waters run deep"
  67. Do you tend to
    • plan your actions in advance
    • let things happen naturally
  68. In your opinion most people are
    • worthy of real trust
    • unworthy of real trust

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