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ENFP: Transcendentalists

ENFPs are enthusiastic, open minded people full of potential. They have wide-ranging interests and share a passion for novelty. Often the life of the party, enthusiasm sets them apart and their presence is easily felt. Their charm is evident and they conduct themselves effectively in meetings, conferences and other networking situations. They are always on the lookout for promising ideas and to network with new and interesting people. They strive for personal authenticity and display admirable versatility in a world in which they have managed to connect the dots. They work well with people and ideas because of their view that everything is part of a whole.

  • Warm and compassionate
  • Empathetic and caring
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fun and spontaneous
  • Highly creative and crave freedom
  • Passionate, enthusiastic and energetic
  • Charming
  • Exploring
  • Authentic
  • Idealistic
  • Restless, with wide-ranging interests
  • Fiercely independent

This lists represent careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type. It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works out quite well.

  • conference planner
  • speech pathologist
  • HR development trainer
  • ombudsman
  • writer/journalist
  • clergy
  • journalist
  • newscaster
  • career counselor
  • housing director
  • acting
  • sales
  • musician/composer
  • artist
  • information-graphics
  • human resource manager
  • politics
  • advertising account manager
  • dietitian/nutritionist
  • speech pathologist
  • massage therapist
  • editor/art director

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