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ESTJ: Supervisors

ESTJ relationships

ESTJ's are dependable, responsible and opinionated. They are faithful, loyal and skillful communicators.

ESTJ's seek the project manager role both at work and at home and enjoy setting procedures and making sure they are followed.

They seek reliable trustworthy friends who share their values, and help them fulfill their visions.

They are generous with the time they allocate to friends and family and look to maintain these connections through traditional ceremonies and holidays.

Although their family holds central position, their desire to be involved in society leads to membership in teams, clubs and organizations. An over reliance on social status and public opinion however might sometimes cause them to neglect their own needs.

Their need for organization and structure extends to the parental world where they delineate clear roles and have solid expectations. They are keen that their children are observant of traditional values and are productive members of society.

In their communications they are practical and action oriented, and may sometimes appear authoritative.

They are simultaneously firm and equitable. Straight forward in their interactions, they have very little to hide; with ESTJ's what you see is what you get.

They are strong willed and like to argue, while remaining open to criticism. They will change their mind when enough evidence is presented.

Their decisiveness though could lead to impatience and they may simply ignore others if they focus too much on a task.

Their inflexibility makes it hard for them to discover common interests and make new friends; they could benefit by being more patient and by listening to others more intently.

It is important therefore, for ESTJ's to rely more on feelings and less on cold hard facts, and to express their feelings more.

Under periods of extended stress the ESTJ's extraverted thinking function is overutilized, leading to introverted feeling, the inferior function, to manifest in less than desirable ways.

While the ESTJ was seemingly insensitive before, behavior will now most likely come off as expressive of hurt and rejection.

ESTJ traits

  • practical
  • realistic
  • precise
  • decisive
  • consistent
  • realistic
  • down-to-earth
  • orderly
  • traditional
  • earnest
  • patient
  • industrious
  • dependable
  • dutiful
  • energetic
  • practical
  • rule abiding
  • conscientious
  • responsible
  • opinionated
  • loyal
  • reliable

ESTJ's display an affinity for managerial roles and for quite good reason. They like to make decisions and plans, always following up in order to enforce their policies. Additionally, they strive for efficiency and make sure that the job gets done. ESTJ's are assertive when directing subordinates and when they give clear instructions they make excellent administrators.

In an organization, ESTJ's are often the ones other people turn to for advice and guidance; again this is a natural consequence of their willingness to take up the reins of responsibility.

When handling tasks, many procedural aspects such as time management and prioritising are based on past projects and experiences. In this sense, ESTJ's could benefit by becoming more flexible; observing changes, and keeping an open mind about their plans. Their insistence on established techniques should go hand in hand with the knowledge that everything is in flux and goals can be achieved in many ways.

ESTJ's are efficient and loyal in the workplace.

Pragmatic, practical and down to earth, ESTJ's have an inclination for business ownership, mechanics, the financial sector and academia.

ESTJ's get busy and get the job done; they will apply themselves even in uninteresting subjects of little practical use.

Their sense of loyalty usually means that they stay in the same job, while their respect for institutions usually means that they are employed by reputable organizations.

On the downside they associate social and career standing with prestige and respect and this can lead to over confidence and conceit.

Having a strong work ethic, ESTJ's believe that they should earn their way to the top without taking shortcuts. Work takes a commanding role over play and tasks are not abandoned just because they are deemed difficult.

They have a preference for tried and tested methods, something that may make them appear rigid and unyielding in managerial positions.

Despite this apparent inflexibility, ESTJ's are open to suggestions about methods that can be proven to be better than established ones. They are especially interested in feedback, when it comes from professionals that are known to have the required experience and industry standing.

ESTJ's are very likely to work in manageral positions.

In positions of authority ESTJ's are watchful that employees are following procedures and take steps to enforce compliance.

Due to their insistence towards hierarchy and the rules they may come across as authoritative; taking other people's views and opinions into consideration is something that they should never lose sight of.

Their knack of coming through and fulfilling expectations make them obvious choices for advancement in their chosen professions while their effectiveness at stating their principles and prospects makes them especially suited for upper level management.

The list below represents careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type. It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works out quite well.

  • nurse
  • social worker
  • caterer
  • flight attendant
  • bookkeeper
  • medical assistant
  • exercise physiologist
  • elementary school teacher
  • minister/priest/rabbi
  • retail owner
  • officer manager
  • telemarketer
  • counselor
  • special education teacher
  • merchandise planner
  • credit counselor
  • athletic coach
  • insurance agent
  • sales representative
  • massage therapist
  • medical secretary
  • child care provider

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