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On the basis of your answers to the test you are placed in one of sixteen types. Your personality type says a great deal about you, your choice of profession, how you relate to others, your inclinations, and your compatibility with others.

The sixteen personality types can be subdivided into four temperament categories that broadly define inclinations and pre-dispositions. These temperaments are: NFs, NTs, SJs and SPs.

The ESFJ "Providers" personality type, for example, shares essential characteristics with ISFJs "Conservators", ESTJs "Supervisors", and ISTJs "Inspectors". SJs are dependable, they are inclined to serve the community and are recognized as pillars of society.

SPs include ESFPs "Performers", ESTPs "Promoters", ISFPs "Artists", and ISTPs "Artisans". SPs are adaptable, and artistic. They are action-oriented and spontaneous.

NTs are comprised of ENTPs "Inventors", ENTJs "Commanders", INTJs "Scientists", and INTPs "Architects". NTs are abstract and theoritical. Their self image is based on their intellect and ingenuity, and they are viewed as autonomous and independent.

The NF temperament features ENFPs "Transcendentalists", ENFJs "Teachers", INFJs "Counselors", and INFP "Seekers". Idealism and authenticity is the essence of NFs, and when helping others they are both nuturing and encouraging.


ENFP "Transcendentalist:"ENFPs are enthusiastic, open minded people full of potential. They have wide-ranging interests and share a passion for novelty.

ENFJ: "Teacher"With their extraordinary charisma ENFJs find it natural and easy to express themselves. They are intuitive and can quickly establish rapport and engage on a personal level.

INFJ: "Counselor"INFJs are highly intuitive individuals standing by their core values at all costs. Their acute intuitive skills offer insights into other people's feelings and emotions; this warmful understanding allows them to estable meaningful and lasting connections.

INFP: "Seeker"INFPs dislike conflict and always aim for reconciliation. They have the ability to find the good in people and events. Whether it's for their own purposes or other people's issues, they focus on remedies and cures.


ENTP: "Inventor"Living in a sea of possibilities, ENTPs are always searching for challenges and ways of creating new realities. Their versatility, enthusiasm and open minded approach allow them to create effective models and systems that are practical and efficient.

ENTJ: "Commander"ENTJs are commanding "take charge" people, and natural-born leaders. The authority they project can be largely attributed to their natural tendency at achieving objectives.

INTJ: "Scientist"INTJs being orderly and structured, understand the consequences of actions and like to plan in advance. Being practical they plan accordingly in order to achieve desired outcomes.

INTP: "Architect"INTPs are primarily characterized by freedom and independence of thought. They seek personal autonomy and frequently encourage others to act the same. INTPs are interested in conceptualizing knowledge.


ESFJ: "Provider"ESFJs are keen to maintain their integrity; they are mindful of their work ethic, and also issues of morality, dutifulness and dependability. They enjoy helping others even to the point of self-sacrifice; they require recognition for their efforts however, expecting others to reciprocate.

ESTJ: "Supervisor"ESTJs are loyal and responsible mates, parents and co-workers; due to their dependability they are rightly labeled pillars of the community. They embrace the values of honesty, dedication and dignity in all facets of life.

ISFJ: "Conservator"ISFJs place great importance on their jobs and engage in their work with enthusiasm. Having a desire to serve others, they work tirelessly and often associate professional success with a society that functions well.

ISTJ "Inspector"ISTJs are dependable pillars of strength; both loyal and responsible. ISTJs make punctuality and devotion their watchwords thereby showcasing their trustworthiness and proving they have all the necessary ingredients for success in business.


ESFP: "Performer"Living in the world of people possibilities ESFPs are lively and fun, and qualities that draw others towards them. ESFPs are generous with their time and energy, sharing everything with their friends.

ESTP "Promoter"Enthusiastic and energetic, ESTPs live for the moment and always seem to know where the action is. Because of their strong interpersonal skills, they are masters at engaging an audience.

ISFP: "Artist"ISFPs have an eye for beauty and what fits; elegance, beauty and grace are all components of the code by which they live. When it comes to asthetics and design their choices push the limits of social convention.

ISTP: "Artisan"ISTPs are action-oriented, crave exciting new experiences, and take on risks. They are considered fearless by many of their friends, however they don't allow other people's opinions affect them.

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