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Seven considerations for pursuing an environmental law career

By: Ilana Kowarski

If you are passionate about solving environmental issues, here are some considerations from experts in the field.


You don't need an undergraduate degree in science.

Collaboration with scientists will do!

Environmental attorneys aren't always businesses' adversaries.

Many environmental laywers are involved in helping the private sector become compliant with environmental regulations.

Legal assignments will vary.

"There’s never been a shortage of things to learn," says Rao, New York University Law School graduate.

Protocol is critical.

Everything has to be by the book, however the good news is that mostly regulations are clear and not open to interpretion.

Law schools without a formal program can still provide high-quality courses.

It is not critically important for a law school to have an official concentration in environmental law.

Diverse skills are important for employability.

Environmental policy is dependent on the political climate and influenced heavily by the business sector, therefore it is important for lawyers to have a diverse skill set.

Law school clinics can provide a solid foundation for an environmental law career.