Signs your tech career is off-track

A number of IT pros were surveyed and provide advice.

Signs your tech career is off-track
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  • Your frustration is becoming apparent

“How long someone can stay in a role before they get bored or frustrated will depend greatly on the individual, but if you're dreading going to work or you find yourself complaining all the time, then it’s probably time for a change,” says Nic Grange, CTO of Retriever Communications.

  • Your position isn't rock solid.

“Sometimes constraints are due to that particular organization, for example its size,” says Howard Seidel, senior partner at career advisory firm Essex Partners.

  • Your tasks are becoming repetitive and mundane

“If you’re not being challenged to become a better version of yourself every day, then it’s time to do things differently,” says Kong Yang, software developer at SolarWinds.

  • Overworked and underpaid

“The best time to ask for a promotion is after a successful project delivery or accomplishing a big feat,” says Daniela Field, senior consultant at Mendix.

  • Your focus is misplaced.

"Where do you see yourself in five years and does this company add to that vision or take away from it?” says Patrick Holder, at Candid Partners consultants.

  • Be careful what you wish for. Don't do the same work for way too long. Push for a better job even though you may not yet be fully capable.
  • Technology is passing you by

"If you believe a current role or organization presents a technology dead end, it’s time to seek out new opportunities, either in or outside your company.” says Howard Seidel, senior partner at career advisory firm Essex Partners.

  • Evaluate how your goals parallel with your company's goals.

"Do you see your current job role morphing as the company pivots and morphs to meet new demands?” asks CompTIA’s James Stanger.