Find and keep a mentor to boost your career

A mentor will help you grow in your profession by imparting wisdom and sharing knowledge and leadership skills.

Find and keep a mentor to boost your career

Main titles

  • An appropriate candidate would be someone that you would like to emulate and is ahead of you on the learning curve.
  • Your mentor will help you explore your dreams, connect you with the right people, and give you an honest progress evaluation.
  • Types of mentors include the 'here and now' mentor who guides you through your day to day goals, the short term mentor whom you meet less frequently and guides you through the next 3-5 years, and lastly your long term mentor who might give you advice on whether you need to change careers or pursue an MBA.
  • Establish contact with a prospective mentor by engaging them in a conversation about a topic they are interested in or are speaking about.
  • Keep the relationship going by showing genuine interest and providing feedback on given advice.
  • Remember to show appreciation, and don't make excessive demands.