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Five reasons to consider a career in automotive engineering

By Oliver Pickup

The automotive industry is presently immersed in cutting edge technology and will benefit from a diverse skill set.

“There are a number of other skills from other emerging technologies – such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence – starting to make their way into the automotive industry now, and that is really exciting. Because of that, non-core engineering students – from computer science, gaming and development backgrounds – will also have a future in the automotive sector.” Marcus Youden, head of operations at McLaren Automotive.

Main titles

1. You really can change the world.

Cars are a big part of our culture and your participation can make an impact.

2. You’ll be part of a game-changing team.

Communication and problem solving skills are key.

3. There’s a huge range of jobs available.

Diverse set of positions available including project management, business planning, and data management.

4. Tech developments are nearing, so requisite qualifications are broadening.

Emerging technologies such as V.R and A.I are entering the automotive industry.

5. Young, smart minds will fuel the industry.

Young minds challenge existing mindsets, and are less fearful of failure.