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A career is a series of apprenticeships

By Terry F. Yosie

Terry F. Yosie is the former president and CEO of the World Environment Center.

These are some principles which can be applied to career planning.

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"It’s important to continue selecting new mentors at different stages of your career." - Terry F. Yosie


Evaluate your knowledge in various fields and discover where you need to broaden your expertise and collaborate with others.

Match your changing traits with new challenges

"Disrupting one’s career need not require departing an employer, as many opportunities emerge from the constantly changing needs within individual organizations." - Terry F. Yosie

Match your values with new positions

“Every organization, large or small, continuously must earn society’s license to exist.” - Terry F. Yosie

The importance of networks

"Every position I’ve held resulted from my professional network.” - Terry F. Yosie